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It’s all Connected.

I suppose the earliest form of musical instrument was the drum. Not used so much to make music; the beating of a drum (or hollow log) was more as a form of signalling or broadcasting.

Yes - when you think about it, broadcasting has been around from the dawn of man and it continues today in more modern forms. Digital streams like Connection Radio broadcasting from Liverpool.

As a port, Liverpool had it’s share of seamen singing sea shanties but the music boom of Merseybeat was also attributed with the city’s connections to the sea.

Many a sailor returning from the Americas brought home the latest records and those early 1950’s American Rock n’ Rollers like Buddy Holly were first heard in homes in Liverpool.

Many a teenager with guitar in hand copied the sound (and style), and so that distinctive Sound from Merseyside was born.

Gerry Marsden, The Searchers, Rory Storm, Billy Fury, etc all styled themselves on this new “beat” sound and it wasn’t long before a young John Lennon sang live in Woolton with his school band “The Quarrymen”. It is said that there were over 350 Liverpool bands in the 1960’s!

That Merseybeat boom struck a chord with the new pop radio stations who thrived on broadcasting the latest upbeat singles released by Parlophone, EMI, Decca, etc.

Those artists from that Merseybeat era got great exposure on radio and their success changed the history of music.

“MerseyBeat” = River Mersey - the hard rhythmic beat of a drum.

Now playing on Liverpool’s Connection Radio UK. You see, it’s all connected!

H Jenkins